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    Business Overview

    Oxy Trading 279 PTY Ltd is a newly established company registered in 2004, trading as Mphohadi Business Ventures. The Company is wholly owned and managed by previously disadvantaged individuals whose intention is to contribute to the economic and social development of South Africa. Mphohadi Business Ventures is based in Welkom (Free State Province) and has branchs in Centani (Eastern Cape Province) and in Maseru (Maseru West, Lesotho). It is owned by Mr Freddie Maxhoseni Dingani.
    Mission and Values Statement

    Mphohadi offers turn-key facilities management as well as a high quality, comprehensive and integral project management and development services geared to meet client’s needs with a strong understanding of its focus areas and the flexibility of its associates. We undertake to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will carry out our duties with the highest degree of integrity. Continue to strive for professionalism, competence, dedication and commitment. Employ only well coordinated teams of reputable sub-contractors. Employ sound, honest and reliable people. Place quality before profits. Empower previously disadvantaged individuals without compromising quality. Not tender on any project unless we can deliver our best efforts, Take pride in our work. We are committed to labour intensive projects with strong community involvement, which enhances the potential for employment. Central to our development approach is the concept of clients participating in the conceptualization and implementation of development. We are committed to an Affirmative Development Policy by recruiting and training employees to become Formal/Informal sub-contractors who are taught the basic skills that will enable them to be entrepreneurial.

    The strategy of the company will be invested in carefully selected businesses initiated by the previously disadvantaged but dynamic management team, and where appropriate, partnering them to work with progressive established businesses that have demonstrated serious commitment to black empowerment and skills transfer to the previously disadvantaged communities.